cedar siding

Pros & Cons of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is one of the more popular siding materials in New England. Beloved by so many people, there is a reason that cedar is one of the top 3...

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snow on roof

The Snow & Your Roof

New England can be a tough place to live during the winter. For those not fond of snow, after a couple snow storms we can really start to get annoyed....

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large house in snow

Roofing Maintenance Tips This Winter

It may still technically be fall but Massachusetts just got their first snowfall last night and it’s feeling a lot like winter! Homeowners are getting their first shoveling in of...

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Winter Siding

Siding Maintenance for the Winter

With winter on the horizon, it's time to start thinking ahead and taking preparatory measures for the upcoming harsh weather. This includes inspecting your home and checking to make sure...

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Tips to Tell That I Need New Siding

Siding is the shield around your home that protects it from weather-related stress, temperature fluctuations, and moisture build-up. Since all of these things represent threats to your safety and comfort,...

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moss growing on old asphalt roof

Typical Myths About Roof Maintenance

Recent advances in roofing technology have led to roofs that are safer, more energy efficient, and even cheaper than older roofs. However, even the most cutting-edge roof is susceptible to...

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Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

We've talked about looking out for signs that it's time for a new roof but we wanted to share with homeowners some of the benefits that they'll receive from having...

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