Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

closeup of roof and siding

Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

We’ve talked about looking out for signs that it’s time for a new roof but we wanted to share with homeowners some of the benefits that they’ll receive from having a new roof installed. Understanding that you need a roof is half the battle but some people need the extra motivation of knowing what they are getting with a new roof. Listed below are some of the top advantages you’ll benefit from by getting a roof replacement.

Energy Efficiency: Energy Efficiency is really big nowadays. Wasting money on energy is taking money straight out of your pocket and it’s not great for the environment. A newly installed roof will help control your heat during the winter and A/C during the summer in return saving you money each year!

Curb Appeal: An old roof can be a real downer in terms of curb appeal. Whether it be passer buyers or yourself coming home from work, a new roof will make your house simply look a lot nicer!

Return On Investment: A new roof can greatly increase the resale value of your house. By getting your roof replaced, you’ll be investing in your house and a good amount of that money can come back to you.

Safety: Your family and house can be at risk when you put off replacing your house. Leaks and structural damage are an increased likelihood when you put off roof work. Water leakage can also lead to the growth of mold which can also lead to poor air quality. Keep everyone in your house safe with timely roof replacements.

Warranties: When working with a trusted contractor like Jancon Exteriors, you’ll get access to great manufacturer warranties. Ask your roof contractor about available warranties prior to getting a new roof installed.

There are many more benefits of upgrading your roof but this is simply a few of the main ones. Jancon Exteriors replaces roof throughout much of Eastern Massachusetts and is happy to help you out. For further questions and information please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 508-520-3935 or through our online contact form.