Benefits of Replacing Windows in Fall

brick facade on beautiful home

Benefits of Replacing Windows in Fall

When it comes to curb appeal, homeowners typically invest in roofing, siding, and landscaping but installing new windows can really give your home a personality that stands out from the rest! A new window installation provides a lot of benefits to your house. Did you know that up to 40% of heat loss comes through drafts from windows and doors? New windows can save your utility bill by a substantial amount, and with the weather starting to drop in Massachusetts, now would be excellent timing to get started! Still not convinced. Check out other benefits we have you to consider.

New Windows saves energy and utility bills.

You have probably heard about this so many times, but how accurate is the statement? Depending on the type of windows you plan on installing and the type of windows you are looking to replace, an average home loss around 38 percent of heat loss through windows and doors. Heat loss can rise as high as 50 percent from drafty single-pane windows or single-pane aluminum sliders.

Window Frames for Your Home

Suppose you are a homeowner who is unsure which type of window material you should choose from, choose vinyl or wood. Metal does not contain heat and the other two, however, its durability favors commercial properties with larger windows. For energy saving used for residential windows, both wood and vinyl have their benefits. It depends on the structure of your house and the aesthetics you are looking for.

Advantages of Window Glazing

Adding an extra layer of glass to your windows comes with many benefits; insulation, noise reduction, eco-friendly, and increase property value are examples of why homeowners are making this their top priority for long term investment.

With so many benefits of replacing your old windows, where do you even begin looking? Fortunately, the team at Jancon Exteriors is here to assist you. We take the time to schedule a day and consult your best options without charging you. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your window choice and allow us to handle the rest. For more information about our window services, please contact us over the phone at (508) 520-3935. We’re ready when you are.