Advantages of having a Kitchen Island

kitchen island

Advantages of having a Kitchen Island

One of the main attractions visitors or homebuyers sees when they visit a kitchen is the island. A kitchen island comes in significant benefits. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, there are ways to utilize an island for your kitchen. Here are some of the advantages for you to consider.

A Kitchen Island can bring in additional storage space.

Suppose you are a keen chef in the house or someone who likes to host gatherings, having that additional storage space can come in handy. An island can be designed based on the homeowner’s purpose of usage in the kitchen. Cabinets or shelving can be installed for those pots and pans taken too much space in the pantry or storage for mugs. There are so many different ways to utilize a kitchen island storage for your convenience.

 Additional space for outlets and appliances

Have you ever come across issues where you are trying to cook and watch a tutorial, but the outlet is far away from where you need to be or adding a kitchen sink to give you more space on your countertop? Electricity, gas, and plumbing can be installed on the kitchen island, which provides you with more versatility for your kitchen island.  

 More room for seating

If your house lacks seating space in other rooms, having stools set up by the island is a great way to have dinner with the family, a place for kids to do their homework, or even learning meal prep with their parents!

Kitchen Island can become the center of attention.

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, installing a kitchen island can be an excellent investment and focus point that will instantly attract potential home buyers. Choosing the right style and material plays a big factor as it could give your kitchen a modern and slick appearance that will have buyers talking about all night!

Why Jancon Exteriors?

We believe the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is one of the most visited rooms; therefore, the kitchen’s purpose should be designed where you can do the essentials as a host and chef. If you are looking to have your kitchen redesigned, consider speaking to the specialist team at Jancon Exteriors. For more information about our services, contact us for a free estimate at (508) 520-3935