5 Things to Do When Preparing For a Storm Damage Repair

storm damage repair

5 Things to Do When Preparing For a Storm Damage Repair

Natural calamities like storms are devastating. They often leave a lot of destruction in their wake. In terms of physical damage, roofs are often the most affected area, especially if you have large trees in the surroundings. There are several ways to prepare yourself for damage repair, but there are some very crucial things that people often neglect.


You might be in a state of shock after a huge storm has struck your property, but this is the time to be extra alert and vigilant to prevent any further damage. We are here to provide you with some valuable tips that will help you prepare yourself for the storm damage repair process.


Do the following after you have battled a storm:

●      Switch Everything Off

If you evacuated your home before the storm hit, don’t turn on your electricity and gas after returning. Your local authorities will alert you about the electricity and gas supply status, and you should until you have the green signal. The reason to do so is that storms might have damaged the lines, and there is a real chance of getting electrocuted.

●      Clean Up

While waiting for help to arrive, clean up the place. Remove any debris that is easily accessible and is blocking any doors or windows. Remove twigs and branches from the front porch. Dust off electronics, but don’t turn them on. Wait for help to arrive.

●      Take Pictures

This might sound strange, and taking pictures might be the last thing on your mind, but doing so will help you keep proof of the extent of the damage. This will make filing insurance claims much easier. Many of the local roof repair contractors offer assistance in insurance claims. Having as much evidence as possible will be greatly beneficial.

●      Perform Basic Fixes

If you have some DIY skills, this is the time to utilize them. Shorten your contractor’s prep work by covering everything will tarpaulin, especially the space directly below the damaged roof. This will also make cleanup much easier later on.

●      Take an Inventory

You should take an inventory of everything that was damaged during the storm. Make a list of everything that can be claimed under insurance. Accessing the extent of damage will help you figure out a plan to put everything back to normal.

Getting hit by a storm is indeed a devastating experience, but this is the time for you to show a greater presence of mind and get everything under control. Call Jancon Exteriors for your emergency assistance, and let’s get your home back to its original form!