5 Low-Cost Tips for Deck Maintenance Throughout the Year

5 Low-Cost Tips for Deck Maintenance Throughout the Year

Decks are outdoor living areas that are intended for leisure. Wood decks have a natural beauty that blends nicely with the surroundings, while composite decks are long-lasting and simple to maintain. Constant exposure to the weather, on the other hand, might damage your deck and shorten its lifetime. Sun exposure may discolor the finish and cause the wood to dry up, while snow and rain can cause warping or decay over time.

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1. Keep your deck clean regularly

Weekly sweeping of loose dirt and debris can help retain the natural sheen of your deck. Wood decks are designed to fit in with their surroundings, but allowing fallen leaves and debris to lie for too long may cause discoloration, mildew, and wood rot.

Clean your deck at least once a year using a wood deck cleaner suited for the type of wood. There are several kinds available, but they all serve the same fundamental purpose: removing dirt, mildew, algae, and other frequent sources of discoloration.

2. Make repairs as needed

After cleaning the deck, evaluate it and identify any spots that need repair. Look for broken, loose, or rotting boards. Minor faults should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Lumber may swell and shrink as it ages, causing nails and screws to migrate. If this occurs, smash or screw them back into position. Replace any rusted nails or screws since these might compromise deck safety and cause timber discoloration.

Check that the deck railing is secure. Once you’ve reached a safe position, give the rail a firm push to check if it can bear a hefty hand. If it wobbles or rattles, strengthen or replace it as soon as possible.

3. Seal with a sealant

Clean the deck and allow it to dry completely before applying sealant. Sand it to eliminate any flaws or splinters. Don’t omit this step since it ensures optimal sealant absorption.

Deck sealing prevents cracking, splitting, and warping and protects the underlying components from water. There are a variety of deck-sealing treatments on the market, but if your property receives a lot of direct sunshine, you’ll want one that protects against both water and UV rays. For best results, reapply the deck sealant every two years.

Most composite decks don’t need to be sealed or stained. As a result, whether you’re thinking about replacing deck boards or building a new deck, composite decking is a solid long-term alternative.

4. Use a Premium Deck Stain for Regular Maintenance

Use one or two coats of high-quality, semi-transparent, semi-opaque, or solid deck stain to keep it looking new. If you want to add color, start with external paint. Exterior stains are available in solid and semi-transparent colors and come in oil or latex; some are fade and mildew resistant. Darker wood stains and other synthetic colors may also aid in UV protection.

Deck stain colors may be mixed and matched aesthetically. For example, a semi-transparent stain at the base of a wooden deck may be matched with solid vivid colors along railings or banisters. Professionally applied deck stain has a three-year lifespan on high-traffic deck flooring and an eight-year lifespan on railings and vertical support beams.

5. Avoid using high-pressure washing.

One of the most important aspects of deck protection is keeping the wood strong enough to withstand UV radiation. High water pressure may soften the wood, exposing it to harm. Although some people like to use a power washer to clean a deck, the best alternative is a basic garden hose with a sprayer. Pressure washing may harm wood, particularly delicate kinds such as cedar. If you want to use a pressure washer, select the lowest setting.

Wooden decks allow the whole family to enjoy outdoor life. A well-built deck may survive for decades with appropriate upkeep and a few intelligent adjustments. Wash, clean, repair, sand, and seal your deck once a year to maintain and guarantee its life.

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