5 Deck Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

5 Deck Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

Attribute the shift to our innate need to connect with nature, or put the blame on increasingly hectic lifestyles that mandate a few moments of relaxation, the fact remains the same that outdoor deck is no longer a sparingly used space in the house. While you may come up with a myriad of creative ideas to design an outdoor deck, they may start to seem dated after a couple of years. To help ensure it doesn’t happen with you, we have put together a list of five deck design trends that have been around for a while, and are here to stay.

1. Large Decks

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with 20×10 foot decks and it is not uncommon to see decks that are bigger than indoor living areas. Increasing deck square footage is the hottest trend in 2016. If you have a large area, you can go for multi-level decks with amenities such as spas, furnished living spaces, and fireplaces. You can also have walls or pergolas in larger decks for more privacy, and built-ins for planters, storage and extra seating.

2. Accent Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an instrumental role in deciding the aesthetic appeal of a house. An increasing number of homeowners are incorporating tiki torches, post lights, walkway lights, and other such accent lights to their decks. You may also use LED lights on deck floorboards for an uplight effect. On one hand, dim lights in deck post caps, pergolas, or stairs create a soothing ambiance, on the other, LED and neon lights can transform your deck into a party floor.

3. Baluster

Baluster, also called spindle or stair stick, comes in different materials and styles. If you want to stick to the traditional theme for the deck, wood balusters are a perfect choice. Vinyl and composite balusters are suitable options for those who want a stained or painted wood look, if budget is a constraint. Other options include panel and aluminum balusters, and glass panels.

4. Composite Decks

Available in a variety of options, composite decks offer a low-maintenance alternative to wooden decks and add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. A composite deck is made from recycled wood scraps and plastic, and has the look and feel of wood. The decking material, however, is resistant to fading, scratches, mold growth, cracks, and rotting.

5. Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck, also called wrap-around deck, ensures optimum space utilization of space by dividing areas for grill, lounge, outdoor games, and other spaces. Different from a multi-storey deck, a multi-level deck allows easy access between the main area and different levels created within the same space. Homeowners can upgrade the existing deck by adding another level or section to the deck.

Last Few Words

A deck makes the house look impressive and adds to its value. If you have a deck design in your mind or plan to invest in an outdoor space, feel free to discuss the idea with our deck design experts. Jancon Exteriors has worked with several clients to build a functional and stylish outdoor space. To learn more about how our remodeling experts can help, fill out our contact form for a free price estimate, or give us a call us at (508) 520-3935.