4 Affordable Ways to Insulate Windows at Home

Window Insulation

4 Affordable Ways to Insulate Windows at Home

Insulating windows is very important, especially in winters when the internal heating is on. Having poor insulating means, you will see higher utility bills. If you are wondering how you can improve the insulation of your windows, here are some affordable methods to improve the insulation of your home windows.

Start with caulk

Sealing the edges around the glass with caulk is the simplest method to improve the insulation of your windows. Caulk is a wonderful material that comes as a thick paste and has a rubbery texture. It bonds very well with most of the surfaces and creates a seal that is weightless. Caulk comes in various formulations, but the most suited for windows is vinyl latex or acrylic latex. Acrylic latex has a long life (around 15 years) but doesn’t work well in humid areas. Vinyl latex has a relatively short life (around 5 years) but can withstand humidity very well.

Install weather stripping

Weatherstrips are strips that fit around doors and windows to ensure a tight fit without any gaps. There are three common variations of weather strips: Compression, V-type, and foam. Compression weather strips are very durable and malleable, which allows for a tight seal around the windows. V-type strips form a seal along the window jamb and are used to keep the cold out. Foam weather stripping has an adhesive backing on one side, making it easy to install but giving it a shorter lifespan (about one to three years).

Add window film

If your windows are old and drafty, covering the glass with a plastic film can help keep the house warm in the winters. It is applied in the same manner as the plastic food wrap then heated with a hairdryer which causes it to shrink and fit. They can be removed very quickly once the winter is over.

Block the draft

If you block the draft, you can stop the airflow. If you are not looking to spend so much money insulating your windows, using a draft blocker can still get the job done. Draft blocker can be made at home as well. You need to sew or roll a cylinder of fabric according to the length of your window and fill it with a filler. Rice is a good filler that works great for insulating windows.


When it comes to window insulation, there is only a limited of things you can temporarily get away with. In the long run, it’s better to invest in having your windows properly sealed or replaced. Contact Jancon Exteriors to get more information on how we can save you more money with new windows!