3 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

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3 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

When you ignore the damage to your windows, you risk diminishing your home’s energy efficiency and raising your energy bills. There are several ways to determine whether you should acquire new windows. If you detect window damage, it is recommended you speak with a contractor about window replacement in Franklin, MA.

Draftiness and Air Leaks

Leaks are at once the most common and hardest to detect signs of window damage. While the leaks themselves are not readily apparent, it is relatively easy to sense the drafts they produce. Noticeable temperature drops and evidence of water damage are clear signs that you should have a window contractor replace your windows. Ignoring the leaks leads to water damage and mildew growth, both of which are expensive to eliminate.

Cracks and Other Signs of Damage

As they age, windows show various types of wear:

  • Cracked frames
  • Broken glass
  • Trouble staying open or closed

Similar to air leaks, these issues wreck your home’s insulation capabilities. When windows fail to perform their essential functions, they foil your heating and cooling systems’ attempts to maintain a steady temperature and lead to a rise in energy costs. A small crack may appear inconsequential, but it can lead to serious consequences. When you start to notice signs of wear and damage to your windows, you may want to consult with a contractor about Window Replacement in Franklin, MA.


Condensation or fog is another sign of your windows’ shortcomings. When windows allow moisture to pass between their panes, it means they are unable to properly insulate your home. Have a professional examine your windows if they have noticeable condensation. Depending on your situation, the glass or the entire window may need replacing.

Window replacement in Franklin, MA is available if you are experiencing problems with your current windows. Creating a comfortable, energy efficient environment requires a strong set of windows. When your windows sustain damage or show signs of age, speak with a contractor about securing replacements.