3 Reasons To Contact A Roofing Contractor

3 Reasons To Contact A Roofing Contractor

Due to its lofty location, the roof is an often neglected area of the home. However, it is important to regularly inspect your roof to establish whether you need to replace it. There are several signs of a worn-out, damaged roof. If you notice any of them, you are advised to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor in Walpole, MA.

Water Leaks and Damage

Leaks are arguably the most common form of roof damage. While a few small leaks are relatively harmless, large and pervasive ones have the potential to weaken the structure of your roof and cause a collapse. Keep an eye out for any of the warning signs of leaks:

  • 1. Mold growth
  • 2. Water stains
  • 3. Moisture underneath shingles

Leaks are typically small in appearance, and it is not uncommon for homeowners to consider them insignificant. However, leaks can cause serious damage and should not simply be ignored. Contact a roofing contractor in Walpole, MA if you notice signs of water leaks. A few simple repairs may resolve the problem, but a total roof replacement may be the only effective solution.

Sagging Roof

There are several potential culprits behind roof sagging. In many cases, the sagging is the result of deterioration due to weather, moisture, or age. In addition, improper roof installation is a possible source of the issue. Regardless of how it manifested, roof sagging is a serious problem that requires professional assistance.

Aging Roof

While most roofs are highly durable, they all eventually succumb to the same relentless force: age. The typical lifespan of a roof is approximately 25 years. As your roof approaches this landmark birthday, you should consider acquiring a replacement. At the very least, schedule an appointment for a professional roof inspection, and have a contractor determine whether a replacement is necessary.

These are just a few of the most common reasons to get into contact with a roofing contractor in Walpole, MA. By staying vigilant and performing regular inspections, you can ensure that your roof remains strong and healthy.